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Synthesaur Recording is a "by appointment only" run studio, which is why we don't list our address. Unfortunately due to the large number of hacking attempts, junk and phoney email and tex requests, it takes longer to sift through who is legitiimate and who isn't. Because of this, I can no longer answer my PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE. We welcome you to call with any questions you may have, and consultations about your project are always free.


Mark Adler is the main engineer and musician at Synthesaur, and has been touring and engineering for 30+ years. He has played in bands that have backed up artists such as Quicksilver Messenger Service, Chi Coltrane, Jan & Dean, Blasters, Elvira, Fishbone, Los Lobos, Ian Gillian (Deep Purple), Jeff Scott Band, Buddy Reed & The Rip It Ups, and Desperado. He has done recording sessions for Taco Bell, NBC Triathelon Series, Empathy, Dwight Good & London Philharmonic Orchestra, Howard Hart, Taboo Zoo, Byron Hopson (Flite), (PostLude), (Trees of Mystery), AZ, Dave Horn, Todd Schon, Margaret McReynolds, Selene Miller, Carolyn Bame, Therapeutic Musicians of Flagstaff, La Bodega Country House, Sun West Media, and many others.


Q. What kind of music do you do?

A. I produce, engineer, mix and pre-master most styles of music. My background has taken me everywhere, and has included Fusion, Funk, Pop, R & B, Gospel, Christian, Dance, Blues, Country, Rap and Rock. I am currently writing instrumental world/jazz, rock/fusion and House/Electronica, although this changes continually as the need arises.

Q. What gear do you use?

A. Currently we use a Mac Pro computer , running ProTools HD 12, and Reason 10 recording formats on a 3 computer network, and a large sample library of .wav files, and sampler formats. Outboard gear include T.C. Electronic Finalizer 96k, Omnisphere 2, Izotope Ozone3, Alloy and Nectar plug-ins, Celemony Melodyne Plug-In, Allen & Heath QU-32 mixing console, HR824 reference monitors, PreSonus Eureka Mic Preamp, PreSonus ACP88 Compressor/Limiter/Gate, ART MPA Gold Tube Preamp, CAD, Rode, Sennheiser and Shure mics.

Some of the Synthesaurs featured at Synthesaur include: Alesis DM-5, EMU ESI-32 with custom HD, EMU Mo'Phatt, Korg M3R, Korg Wavestation SR, Korg Krome 73, Roland TD-11 V-Drum kit, Roland D-550, Roland JP-8080, Roland VR 09, Roland S-550, Roland S-330, Roland U-220, Roland RD-700, Yamaha DX-7, MAudio Axiom 49. and Yamaha TX-802.

Q. What are your rates?

A. Rates vary per project depending on the client's needs and the scope of work involved. My basic hourly rates are $40/hour for recording and mixing projects. Keyboard tracks are $50 p/hr., Building backing tracks in for you in Reason are also $50 p/hr. 1 hour minimum for all rates.

Q. Can you edit and mix different formats? I've recorded some tracks in ___ (ProTools / Cubase / Acid / DP / Logic) ... or on a (Roland VS880 / Tascam 238 / Yamaha AW441 etc.), and I want to edit, re-track a few parts and re-mix the project. Can you do this? What do you need?

A. Currently the only formats I work in are ProTools & Reason. You can bring the project to me on CDR, flash drive or DVD, and make sure you include all audio files in a separate folder (i.e. Pro Tools session + Audio Files folder). If you've recorded tracks on your own DAW (such as a Roland VS880 or similar HDR), just bring in your machine. I do not handle 2" or other reel-to-reel tape formats in-house but you can dump it into Pro Tools at another studio and bring it back to my project studio for additional tracking, editing & mixing.

Q. How can I get hold of you?

A. Please leave a detailed message outlining the specific services you're interested in & the best time to call you back. My phone number is 928-606-1488. You can also email me with your project spec's & questions here.


For correspondence or questions, email us at Synthesaur Music.



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