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This page is dedicated to helping you decide where you want your eternal soul to reside beyond this world. It is your choice - no one else's. Have you ever thought of facing an Omnipotent God on Judgement Day? You should, you know.

It doesn't have to be awkward. God loves you so much that He came to this planet and took your sin upon Himself, so that you wouldn't have to face the hell He created for Satan and his friends. It's a fairly simple choice. Heaven or Hell. Forever.
Let me encourage you to let Jesus into your life. Let Him run it for a change. He does a much better job.

Look at it this way; there are evil spirits, but there is only one Holy Spirit. Which are you willing to be possessed by? God is the Creator of the Universe - He can fill billions of souls with only one spirit. Satan doesn't have that option. You are deciding your eternal destiny right now by the choice you make in your mind reading this. Heaven or Hell. You decide. You even decide by NOT deciding.

Think about it. But don't take too long...you may not wake up tomorrow. Think about the victims of 9-11. Do you think they got up that morning knowing they weren't coming home?

Just say this prayer and mean it: Lord Jesus, I believe You died so that I might live. I know that I am a sinner, and I know that I need you as my savior in my life. Please save me now, come into my heart and let me live eternally with You in Your Kingdom.

If you prayed this prayer, tell someone what you have done. Find a good Bible-based church and get the Word of God into your spirit. 


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